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will help…


  • STRENGTHEN your ability to communicate
  • Explain why your choices are similar to or different from others
  • Facilitate CONVERSATION about different ways to achieve your goals


  • Provide you an UNDERSTANDING of your professional and personal relationships
  • ASSIST you to better understand your boss, peers, and subordinates


  • BALANCE the needs of your employees with the goals of your company
  • Save your company from unnecessary expenses due to miscommunication and reevaluating DECISIONS


  • Construct a positive work environment in which individuals are RECOGNIZED and utilized for their diverse contributions
  • Effectively INTEGRATE new initiatives and changes with your current workforce


Client Testimonials

Donna was a great help! She trained me to think on how to handle different personalities in the workplace rather than bitterly complaining on a situation and blaming one’s character. This lesson, in itself, was big in bringing a positive attitude. Ultimately, I was able to focus more on deliverables than getting frustrated from people’s attitudes.

Nimesh Thapa, MBA Professional

I want to thank you for the exceptional effort you made and the personalized approach you used after administering the Myers-Briggs. It was extremely helpful in my family relationships and certainly in my working with business associates. I sincerely believe virtually every organization – and individuals – would find significant and profitable benefits by using your services.

Al Stites, President of Foliophiles Publishing LLC

I was BNA’s vice president for human resources for a number of years. I wish Donna had been available at that time to work on our executive and employee development issues. She has a unique combination of intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, compassion, humor and integrity. Recently I watched her give Myers-Briggs feedback to my two housemates, both young professional starting their careers. I was very impressed by her ability to deliver the findings in a way that was clear and direct about their strengths and weaknesses and then provide supportive and helpful suggestions for using this information to enhance both their work and personal lives. She’s terrific!

John Schappi

I consulted with Donna Ives and she identified my Myers-Briggs Indicator Type (MBTI). Her in-depth analysis and report helped me understand the way I perceive situations. A two hour long discussion with her and by studying the reports she prepared for me opened up my views to new and more efficient ways to address and approach situations. Her advice has helped me both in personal and professional environments.

Ivan Rahman, Sales and Marketing

I met Donna for Myers Briggs a few months after I arrived in the United States with my husband. I was having a hard time making friends and starting a career. Being an introvert didn’t help much either. Donna was there. She encouraged me to be myself! Her guidance helped me in understanding my strengths/weaknesses and working towards my goals. She is charming, humorous, fun loving and a great person to be or work with. She’s amazing at her work and companionship.

Bhawana Khadka, MBA Professional

Donna’s Myers-Briggs course is both entertaining and incredibly useful for understanding how to work with those who have different communication and problem-solving preferences than your own. Her in-depth knowledge of Myers-Briggs helped our product development team enhance our productivity and collaboration all while making us laugh.”

Margaret Jones, Editor/Writer

While serving as president-elect for the District of Columbia Library Association, I arranged for Donna to do a Myers-Briggs presentation to association members. She was wonderful to work with, and very thorough in her pre-presentation preparation. She was an excellent presenter, very engaging, and the session was interactive and fun. Participants learned not only how to recognize their own personality types but also those of colleagues and co-workers. Even more importantly, they learned how to adapt their personal styles to achieve better results when working with others.

Angela Jaffee, Reference Librarian, Venable LLP

Every leader has strengths… and a few annoying blind spots of which s/he is clueless. Donna will help you recognize both, leverage the former and, after a good laugh, stop doing the latter.

Christine Hackman, Physicist/Scientist manager

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Donna on a day-to-day basis. I’ve witnessed firsthand her ability to listen, communicate and instruct people with great skill. She is articulate, supportive and has a great sense of humor. Donna is a top notch leader, counselor and teacher who inspires those around her by providing insight into the workplace, and enhances her students’ interpersonal skills.

Karen Gordon-Lewis, Manager, BNA’s Customer Contact Center, retired

Having been out of the workforce for many years I wanted to have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. Donna worked patiently with me. She used the data from my Myers-Briggs questionnaire to help me understand career options and work environments that would be meaningful and enduring. She is an attentive listener and knows how to put her clients at ease with just the right dash of humor.

Carla Freyvogel, Museum Educator

I have known Donna professionally for twenty years. Donna’s humor and ease using the tools and concepts of Myers-Briggs has helped me understand my personality type and how to be more effective at my job. Donna has enabled me to use that knowledge to be a successful Senior Project Manager.

Erinne Cheney, Senior Project Manager

Donna is a skilled business professional with a personality that enables her to work well with others. Her communication skills, including listening skills, are superior. Donna and I have worked together on customer relations and sales issues. I also participated in a Myers-Briggs training session for regional sales managers, which Donna facilitated. I highly recommend Donna for her management, negotiation and coaching skills.

Bill Accurso, retired BNA regional sales manager